Our mission

We aim to inspire, happy re-engaged young people who are equipped to confidently move forward in their lives.

We seek to promote this through a truly personalised, pupil-led curriculum encompassing both academic and nurture support that embeds within the schools’ core values.

The core values Wribbenhall School seeks to promote in its students are positive self-esteem; confidence in our own judgement, self-reliance, independence, ambition and compassion.

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Latest updates:

Opening September 2019

Post date: March 5, 2019

We have an expected opening date of Wednesday 4th of September 2019. We are also filling up our available pupil places.

Radio Interview

Post date: January 12, 2019

Andrew Easton’s interview with Ellis Wells from Wribbenhall School available here at 1:41:15. Link available for 26 days.

Our News Article

Post date: January 10, 2019

We are really happy to announce our first news article, published on the front page of the Kidderminster Shuttle. Follow this link to read it here.


Post date: September 22, 2018

We are aiming for an opening date of 29th April 2019.


Post date: September 8, 2018

At Wribbenhall School we are working hard creating a secure, nurturing, pupil centred environment.

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